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The digital world continues to grow, and people are turning to devices as a way of promoting and selling brands or products: true. But print materials for a new business are still one of the most important mediums to grow your brand awareness and bring in new customers: also true. Typically, companies who are intentional in making digital and print marketing coexist are the ones with the most successful marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Print Materials to Help Market a New Business

Print marketing is a form of advertising that uses printed media, such as magazines, brochures, business cards, banners, direct mail postcards, or catalogs. Before digital marketing ever existed, print marketing ruled the advertising industry. It’s the original form of marketing, and it hasn’t lost its effectiveness. Print materials have the upper hand when it comes to sensory and memorability. Research shows that the more senses someone uses in a given time, the more likely they will remember it later on. This is because different senses activate different parts of the brain, so being able to look at an ad while tangibly touching it allows the person to engage with and remember the ad more. From brochures to magazines and direct mail postcards to promotional products, there is a long list of print materials to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective for a new business, shall we?

Essential Print Materials When Marketing a New Business

Numerous new businesses are on a minimal budget in the beginning, and thus every decision is an important one. But statistics show that consumers are more likely to shop with a business if it has professionally printed materials.

  1. Business Cards. It might be easy to overlook the importance of business cards in the digital age, especially when we consider the popularity of online networking and sites such as LinkedIn. But business cards remain extremely powerful and affordable networking tools, especially when they’re utilized correctly and as part of a wider business strategy. Be sure to create high-quality cards that benefit from a relatively simplistic design and one that emphasizes your business logo and contact details.
  2. Postcards + Flyers. Postcards and flyers are some of the most versatile marketing materials out there, especially for events or local marketing. They’re larger than a business card, so you can include more information about your business, along with interesting visuals or even a promotional offer. But like business cards, postcards and flyers are highly portable. You can leave a stack of postcards with other local business owners to reach new customers, or you can try posting flyers on local message boards to boost brand visibility. Both items also work extremely well for mail marketing!
  3. Brochures. This helpful marketing tool should be both well designed and informative, as you’ll want to present your products in the best possible visual light while providing a detailed insight into individual products and your brand as a whole. Brochures are also particularly effective when used as location-specific printed collateral, whether you leverage them as park maps, guides to upcoming events, or information pamphlets in corporate stores.
  4. Posters. These print marketing materials are ideal for large graphics and to promote your company message. Posters get noticed and are very popular for promoting specials and/or upcoming events. Make an impact by strategically placing a handful of posters in prominent areas, and make sure they are readable from a distance by keeping them visually appealing by avoiding too much text.
  5. Promotional Products. Now this is a print marketing material that people love to receive! You can choose to market your new business with printed logo pens, thumb drives, coffee mugs, or even something that is wearable. Most branded promotional products are functional, practical, and ideal for use as trade show or event gifts.

Let Davant Help Market Your New Business

Let us help your business use print materials to raise brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and create trust with your customers! People will always remember a printed piece because of its unique ability to draw attention to itself. Reach your audience, inform your customers and prospects, and build the bond between the two. Let’s get started. What can we print for you?

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