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Is your business looking for new ways to reach customers? When you’re brainstorming ideas, sending postcards may not come to mind. Yet, this small, simple marketing tool can be incredibly powerful. Most businesses have shifted away from sending out just print materials, relying more on digital marketing efforts and advertising. However, Davant Indy has seen the importance of sending postcards to clients and how they can impact a business.

Think about it: most people still enjoy going through the mail, and sending a personalized postcard is a great way to build trust and brand awareness. When they need a service or product related to your business, they’re more likely to remember that your marketing team took the time to send a card rather than hit them with an online ad. Here is how your business can produce print postcards that stand out.

Go Big or Go Home

Okay, so you don’t have to go home, but you should consider taking the standard postcard size up a notch. Oversized cards will undoubtedly stand out in your customer’s mailbox. They are a great way to grab attention while also providing enough space for all of the relevant information you want to include. According to Data & Marketing Association reports, oversized postcards outperform standard sizes. So, if you’re looking for a sure-fire way not to get lost in the shuffle of regular mail, go big with your postcards.

Note: To make sure you don’t waste money, consult the USPS mailing guidelines for postcards. A large postcard will stand out, but it could cost you more at the post office.

Choose the Right Paper

The quality of the paper you choose for your postcards says more than you might think. While it can be tempting to want to save money where you can, opting for the cheapest paper will likely cast a negative image of your business. People receiving the postcards will consider your business cheap or that you don’t care about their business. If you put little effort into mailing something to them, then how can they trust the quality of your products or services?

Instead, look for a sturdy, thick paper that is dependable and can handle being thrown around with the rest of the mail. You can also consider adding textures and tactile elements to make your postcard stand out that much more.

Get a Professional Design

The design of your postcard matters. Your consumers are less likely to read a bunch of text with no visuals. Instead, focus on the purpose of your postcards and how you want them to stand out. Don’t be afraid to get creative with folds, hidden elements, or even QR codes that provide your audience with more information online. To get a design that pops and gets your message across, consult a professional graphics designer with knowledge about design elements and theories. Putting in this extra work for a mailer will guarantee that your business stands out.

Make the Copy Work

Not only is the design of your postcard important, but so is the copy. The space constraints of a postcard mean you need to be meticulous with your words. Not only should you have a captivating attention-getter, but you should also include supporting information that entices them to visit your store or to purchase from you. Your copy should also focus on answering a need or question your audience has. When you’re clear about your business’ capabilities to solve consumer problems, you’re more likely to succeed!

Personalize It

Nothing says, “I appreciate your business” like a personalized postcard. While it’s easy to send out generic cards addressed to everyone, actually taking the time to put a name on each card hits home. You’re not only making each person feel special, but you’re also building that genuine relationship with your consumers. Yet, there are other ways to make a postcard personal that don’t include just simply naming the customers. You can:

  • Offer them a unique product or promotion based on their last purchase.
  • Include a map or region to your store nearest them, showing you’re committed to making shopping at your business easy.
  • Use a personalized code for them to access online with more offers and promotions, or even a gift on their birthday.

Utilize Print Postcards in Your Business

There are plenty of ways to utilize print materials for your business, whether it be through the use of postcards, flyers, signs, or promotional products. Davant Indy is here to help every business succeed with their print materials, and we proudly serve the entire Indianapolis, Indiana area. To learn more about our design process and how we can help make your postcards stand out, contact us at (371) 849-6565 today.