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Davant is a Greenfield Indiana printing solutions company that specializes in designprintingmailingsigns, and promo products. It’s our mission to not just get the job done, but to exceed expectations. We work with the people, not just the business.

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Print Design

The goal of an effective print design piece is capturing your audience’s imagination. Make something impactful, make it unique, and always make it memorable.

Our goal is to build an image for you that will be remembered and unique in its own way. It’s important to know that you are key to our success. Your imagination and ideas fuel the passion of the design team. We always want your opinions, your ideas, and your personal touch. Let Davant be your Greenfield, Indiana print design agency, and craft something stunning for your business.

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Print has a unique ability to trigger many senses; the feeling of the paper, the smell of the ink, to the visual stimulation. All of these senses have an after effect on people; they remember it because they physically felt it in their hands.

Print is alive because of its potential abilities to form into anything the mind can imagine. A print booklet with roll-out folds, custom accordion folds, to special die-cut pieces.

Work with a Greenfield Indiana Printing solutions team that will enable your prints to come alive and speak to your consumers!

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Addition Through Subtraction

Remember as we all have very busy careers and are wearing lots of hats and juggling lots of tasks, we are still human. We are accomplishing a lot and technology certainly has helped. But, if you are already at your capacity, it is helpful if you need to add something to your plate to use wisdom in deciding if something should be removed or delegated elsewhere. It is okay to say “no” sometimes or to say “later”. You can do lots of things well, but when overloaded you can’t do anything well. So, it is good to take inventory and if something must be added to your schedule or to-do list, decide if something else must go.

“Communication and quality of products are extremely important to me. Davant excels at both. Whether it’s where to put lettering on a new vehicle or color of a tshirt, Davant is always patient and very accommodating. A pleasure to work with!”

Linda C., Howald Heating & Air

“Jameson had everything boxed up & easy for me to carry in to my customer. He so helped me out of the pickle I was in.”

Jane B., Daily Reporter

“Missy has been wonderful to work with. Our plans are to strengthen our ties with Davant and utilize your services more.”

Gary G., Midwest Mole

“Amazing staff and really cared about the service and our product. This is not your typical turn and burn product producer.”

Steve J.

“Thank you for processing our order so quickly.”

Sandy, Zionsville Hockey Club

“Very pleased and well taken care of by your staff. Great job!”


“It is a pleasure working with Brooke!”


Dawn, The Vandalia