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As a business professional, your business card plays a big role in representing your company, brand, and individual skills. Each and every time that you give a potential client your business card, you are generating a first impression. Believe it or not, a business card’s finish can be a deciding factor when a potential client is deciding whether or not to hire you. For this reason, you should do all that you can to ensure that your business card ends up in your client’s wallet and not the trash.

While many believe that a business card is nothing more than a card with your contact information on it, there is a lot more to them than that. Business cards are tools that you can use to turn a stranger into a loyal customer – if they’re designed to impress. Here are five great options for business card finishes that can help you stand out and create a positive first impression that leads to a lasting client relationship.

The Importance of a Business Card Finish That Impresses

Choosing the right finish for your business card is very important for many reasons. The finish of a business card determines how your chosen design looks, as well as creating the overall “feel.” Considering the fact that a business card acts as an advertisement, creates an awareness of your brand, and gives potential clients your contact information, it needs to look just right.

The majority of business cards are thrown away, so without a finish that generates a great first impression, yours is likely to end up in the trash as well. Take the necessary steps to make sure your clients remember you, your company, and your services by choosing a business card finish that impresses each and every time.

The Best Business Card Finishes

There are many different business card finishes to choose from and, upon first glance, so many options may be overwhelming. The process of choosing the right finish for your card doesn’t have to be difficult, however. In fact, there is a fairly easy way to determine the right finish for your design: by asking yourself what you want to do with your business card. As we offer up five great options for business card finishes, we’ll also discuss what makes each style the best option for different designs.

Matte Finish

A matte finish is a classic choice that is best for business cards that feature a lot of text. If you favor a more minimalistic design that is straight to the point while still remaining stylish, a matte finish will serve you well. It should be mentioned that matte finishes are well-suited by more subdued color schemes and designs. Another benefit of selecting a matte finish is that it won’t retain fingerprints with handling, keeping it looking clean and professional.

Glossy Finish

If your business card’s design features a bright color scheme with vibrant images, a glossy finish can make all the difference. Glossy finishes are particularly good choices for business cards that feature high-quality photographs and/or headshots because they provide great contrast. A glossy finish also offers protection to your card when paired with high-quality cardstock as they won’t be as easily scratched.

Foil Stamping Finish

Looking for a business card finish that goes the extra mile when it comes to a luxury feel? Look no further than a foil stamping finish! A foil stamping finish is one of the best ways to highlight and accentuate your business card’s text and logo. Considering the fact that your text and business’s logo are two of the most important parts of generating brand awareness, a foil stamping finish is valuable.

A foil stamping finish is created when a heat-processed coating is applied to sections of the overall business card’s design for contrast. Most foil stamping finishes feature gold or silver for a classic, elegant effect, but there are a number of other colors available as well.

Emboss and Deboss Finish

Embossing or debossing your business card is a great way to create extra dimension and draw the eye to very specific areas of your card’s design. The process of embossing a business card employs the use of heat pressing to create a three-dimensional effect that you can use to add emphasis. Debossing, on the other hand, creates an indent in the cardstock that creates a texture that you can actually feel when the card is in hand.

Embossed and debossed finishes are a great way to spice up a minimalistic design by adding extra depth. With this business card finish, your client’s eye will be drawn to the areas you choose. Whether it be your logo, name, or company name, an embossed or debossed finish will create a memorable first impression.

Fold Finish

Finally, we have a business card finish that has become popular for not only giving you more space for text and contact information, but also for creating a point of difference. Fold finishes are business cards created to have a folding effect so that it opens similarly to a brochure or letter. This gives you the ability to put your company logo and design on the front fold, while displaying important business and contact information on the inside

With a fold finish, you will be able to set your business card up straight and draw the eye. By delivering your business card to nearby establishments (a common way to get your business in front of potential clients), it can be displayed similarly to a nametag and you are much more likely to generate client interest. Above all else, a folding finish is unique and this will serve you well in winning over clients and creating a lasting impression.