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Top 5 Business Letterhead Examples

When it comes to grabbing customers’ attention, nothing is worse than plain white sheets of paper. As sometimes one of the first things a prospective employer or client will see, a lot more emphasis has been placed on business letterhead designs. Gone are the days where just your name, address and contact details aligned to the right are the only form of an acceptable approach. Below, our experienced team has outlined how you can turn everyday letters and messages into stylish corporate communications by adding custom business letterheads to your brand’s marketing collateral.

Whether for your mail-outs, cover letters to accompany your design portfolio, invoices or other uses, a beautiful, memorable business letterhead design is a great way to enhance your brand and showcase your design skills at the same time.

Top 5 Business Letterhead Examples

  1. Simply Simple

One of the most important principles behind an effective letterhead is to keep the design as simple as possible. Keep in mind that a letterhead is essentially a delivery mechanism. It’s important your letterhead looks and feels great in the hand, but the design should make way for the content of the letter that’s printed over it. By all means, use your design to showcase the content, but don’t try to wrestle it for the reader’s attention. It’s useful to ask yourself whether you’re competing with the content: if you’re in doubt, simplify your letterhead design.

  1. Clean. Professional.

Corporate letterhead uses a classic, professional design that draws your reader’s attention to the logo and the details. This is perfect for small businesses and new entrepreneurs intent on introducing their services and products to clients and investors.

  1. Non-traditional

Traditionally, letterhead designs are placed at the top of the page, but by no means is that a hard-and-fast rule. Try distributing information to three sides of the paper where the extra spaces are used to provide contact information, including the company tagline. When a single color is used, it keeps the look clean and professional even with the non-tra

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ditional layout.

  1. {Some} Details Matter

It’s not always necessary to include every last detail on a letterhead. Consider who will be using the stationery. If it’s specifically for the managing director’s secretary, and will always be usedjust by them, perhaps it makes sense to include a direct number to the secretary’s office. If it’s more of a general stock to be used for many different applications, go for a general number instead.

  1. Tastefully Colorful

A good business letterhead is one that includes all significant information clearly presented and well-arranged on a tasteful mix of colors. But be careful, combining inappropriate shades may distract the spectators from your main message. The main goal is to make something simple but creative and unique – something that will catch the attention of anyone setting their eyes on it.

A beautiful letterhead can make all the difference to the success of your branding.

To get started with your own custom letterheads, check out the 5 things all letterhead should include and contact us for an instant quote. Davant has worked with a number of brands and industries, and we’re sure we can help you create the perfect letterhead for your company!