A company letterhead is an essential form of business communication. In addition to sending required information to the recipient, it also communicates your brand’s messages and values. After all, you want to put your best foot forward and present yourself as a professional potential supplier or business associate – right?

Here are 5 things to include to create a professional-looking corporate letterhead.

  1. The name of your company.
  2. The location where your company is registered
  3. The registered address.
  4. The address of any other company location unless it is living accommodation.
  5. The company registration number.

The Name of Your Company

How you list your name will depend on the type of business you are. If you are a sole trader, you need to put your own name and business name. If your business is a partnership, you’ll need to list out the legal business name, as well as ALL partners. Some businesses may have too many partners to list. In this case, list a website address where all partners can be found.

This should be in your header or footer right next to your logo!

The Location and Address Where Your Company is Registered

Your custom letterhead should have your registered, physical address and postal address if applicable.

The Company Registration Number

You only have to worry about adding the company registration number if you are trading as a limited company. If this is you, you don’t need to add the names of the directors.

The Address of Any Company Location (Unless It Is Living Accommodations)

Any other business locations you have can be listed as well. If you have too many to fit in the company letterhead, you can just list a website URL where they can find all service locations.

What to Include in Your Company Letterhead

The specific breakdown as to how this applies to different types of business is:

Sole Trader Business: If you’re a sole trader, you can trade under your own name or choose a different business name. If you choose the latter option, you must include your personal name and the complete business address on all the letterheads and order forms.

Partnership Business: If you’re a partnership business, your letterheads, receipts, and even invoices must include the names of all partners, and the full address of the main office. If there are several partners, then it is acceptable to state where a list of those partners can be found instead of printing all their names and details.

Limited Liability Company: If your company is trading as a limited company, the letterhead must include the following:

  • Registered company name
  • Registration number and place of registration
  • Company’s registered address and place of business

You can also include telephone or fax number, logo, company’s URL and an email address for contact.

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