Why is print marketing still important?

Digital, digital, digital. It’s all we hear these days. We’re living in a digital world, where only social media, apps and websites matter. Even books can be downloaded, dictionaries come in app form, and when was the last time you looked through a physical encyclopedia? It all brings up the question – does print marketing even matter anymore?

Yes, it sure does!

There’s no need to ditch printing yet. In fact, print marketing could be your best asset in a world of screens. Advertising investments have gone digital mostly because the Internet provides businesses with an affordable way to promote products and services. However, online marketing needs the complementary power of print advertising to seal the advertising deal.

Print Ads Convert More Customers

Believe it or not, print advertisements have a significant impact on converting prospects to customers. Nearly 80% of consumers act on direct, printed mail advertisements compared to 45% of consumers that act on electronic advertisements.

It’s personal

Studies show that marketing campaigns you can physically touch are more memorable. Email marketing is great, but there’s something special about receiving a letter in the post form these days. 79% of consumers act on snail mail immediately, while just 45% will deal with an email right away.

It’s all about trust

Most consumers understand the Internet is rife with fake advertising at best, and grossly misleading marketing campaigns at worst. Because of the doubting reputation of online ads, print advertisements remain the most trusted source of marketing information.

Think about it:

Print advertisements never include pop-up screens that promote unseemly products and services. The straightforward printed method for promoting your products and services builds credibility – which is the first step towards establishing the trust required for customers to take action. Check out some ideas to promote your small business to start building that trust!

Print marketing grabs attention

Websites are often skimmed by consumers in as little as 15 seconds. And to make it worse, studies show that people read digital text 20% – 30% slower than they do print. So if you want your text to be read properly from beginning to end, a brochure is the way forward.

Target marketing 101

Successful small businesses break down their loyal customer base by demographics. After learning the primary demographics of their customers, business operators target the demographic base by placing printed ads in publications bought by the target audience.

For example, dog lovers that want to purchase healthy food for their canine friends are more likely to find the right brand via a publication such as Dog Fancy than by receiving an email blast from an online marketing agency.

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