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Thermography printing is a method of printing that involves creating a raised effect in the print. This type of printing is a cost-effective alternative similar to either engraving or embossing, and it is widely considered to be a preferred printing process for many business owners. Thermography printing is most commonly used on printed materials, such as greeting cards, that require embossing with a more natural look and feel.

To fully understand thermography printing, Davant Indy will thoroughly explain the process, as well as its advantages and most common applications. It is our hope that this article will give you a better understanding of this important printing method. With that, let’s get started!

The Thermography Printing Process

In this specialized printing process, offset printing ink is combined with a powdered resin (which is baked) in order to create a raised and textured effect in the final product. First, the image is offset printed with slow-drying ink. After that, the wet printed sheets are put through a tunnel that dusts the pages with resin. The areas of the printed sheets that have ink are covered before the excess is vacuumed away. Next, heat is applied to melt the resin in order to create a raised, glassy image. The powders used in this printing process are transparent so that they don’t impact the color of the ink used. In the thermography process, several types of powder can be used including:

  • Medium and coarse
  • Fine
  • Dull
  • Gloss
  • Matte

When is Thermography Printing Used Most Often?

While there are many applications for thermography printing, the most common use is for business cards and business stationery. It is also commonly used for greeting cards, wedding invitations, report covers, and other company marketing materials. One of the reasons that thermography printing is so popular is due to the fact that it is far less costly than engraving while offering a similar visual effect.

The Benefits of Thermography Printing

One of the biggest benefits of this method of printing is its eye-catching and professional effect on marketing materials. Additionally, it is a much cheaper alternative for those seeking engraving or embossing. Thermography printing is also well-loved for its ability to create a raised effect in printed materials, creating an air of professionalism. Lastly, thermography printing usually results in more vibrant colors, which is an attractive quality for business owners who want to create a print project that demands customer attention.

Important Tips for Thermography Printing

If you’re interested in thermography printing for your next print project, consider a few of these tips. While there are many advantages to this printing method, it isn’t necessarily suitable for every project. By following these guidelines, you can use thermography printing to your advantage and create marketing materials that will wow your customers. Here’s what you should know about thermography printing:

  • While thermographed images do not have any specific size constraints, it is important to note that large solid areas of color are known for blistering.
  • Overall, thermography isn’t recommended for halftones or screens. This is because the non-image area could fill in with powder. For this reason, it is best to avoid small type in your image (7 points or less).
  • Both uncoated and coated papers are suitable for thermography printing.
  • Avoid using heavily textured paper in thermography printing.

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