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Are you torn between outsourcing to a design agency and building in-house designers? Some organizations have made the decision to invest in outsourcing to design agencies, while others have decided to find the right talents and have in-house graphic designers. The decision you make solely depends on your organization’s resources, and below are some different scenarios that we hear frequently which serve as triggers for you and your team to start thinking about outsourcing your graphic design projects.

Consider your time

When you decide to outsource to a design agency, you will most likely save on all the time it takes to interview candidates, screen resumes and run background checks. The precious time saved can be used for other important things in the organization.

If your in-house graphic designer needs to call out from work, you may be out of luck. However, outsourcing to an agency will assure that there’s always a team member ready to pick up and fill in the blanks when the lead designer isn’t available to meet the deadline.

Access to industry expertise

Before building in-house graphic designers, you need to have access to experts and thought leaders. Although it will be easier to create authoritative designs, design experts demand premium salaries if you want to hire them on a permanent basis. Keep in mind that you might not be able to find graphic designers with the skills you need or those with existing knowledge and experience in your niche industry may already be taken.

To attract quality in-house graphic designers you must be in a position to offer them a competitive package that includes health care, a retirement plan, vacation and sick day, and a decent work contract. It might be more affordable and a time saver to outsource work.

No agency training involved

When outsourcing to design agencies, the need to train newly hired candidates does not exist. Design agencies provide unique and efficient services to the client’s satisfaction. By outsourcing to design agencies, you have the flexibility to access trained professional and latest design technologies at a more affordable rate. Outsourcing helps in managing the cost and remaining flexible.

As a whole, Marketing Departments are most benefited by outsourced graphic design talent because it:

  • Offers a fresh point of view
  • Leverages new skill sets that may not be found in the organization
  • Takes advantage of senior-level creative thinking
  • Saves money by not having a department of full-time creative staff

Outsourcing graphic design

We have found that business who outsource their graphic design talent have greater means to expand the strength of the internal marketing team of their organizations. At a certain point in the growth of your organization, it will become advantageous to have some of the marketing and design responsibilities handled by a team of creative professionals from the outside.

From brochures to brand development, every company needs an image that tells its story. By utilizing the most up-to-date software available, the experienced graphic designers at Davant Indy help transform your rough ideas into a stunning design that is uniquely yours! Give us a call to discuss your project! We’d love to help: (317) 849-6565.

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