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Business owners wear many hats and have hundreds of concerns to address during their day-to-day workplace activities, so it might be tempting to ignore the need for expertly crafted graphic designs. However, utilizing professional graphic designs can be an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business. Here we will take a closer look at why good graphic design will help your small business and why you should consider hiring a professional for your various graphic design needs.

Brand Recognition

Your company’s total brand image starts with a great logo and expands to every aspect of your business. The design needs to target your audience in a way that is functional, attractive, and professional. Your brand should provide an instant connection to the outstanding products and services that you offer, and you need an excellent graphic design to forge that kind of connection.

You’ll Get What You Pay For

If you save money by letting a marketing assistant create your website and marketing collateral, it’s going to look like, well, like your marketing assistant made your website and marketing collateral.

Professional graphic designers understand that good design is built to last, and by spending more money upfront with a professional, you’re going to save down the road when you want to expand your marketing efforts, make small changes to old materials, or duplicate existing design elements. Professional graphic designers won’t take shortcuts, and they understand that giving you complete files, various formats, and more control over various graphic elements is the key to ensuring longevity in your design.

First Impressions are Important

The first time consumers come to your website or interact with your content online, they’re typically not going to be ready to buy, and that’s okay. With good design in place, and a detailed content marketing strategy, you have plans to bring them back into the fold through various online marketing tactics. However, none of that matters if you make a bad first impression.

Determine what kind of first impression you want to make—fun and exciting, informative and useful, or reliable and trustworthy. And depending on your needs, choose the appropriate business app design, tone of voice, brand colors, prints, logo, clear layout, easy navigation, pop-ups, etc.

Effective Design Solves User’s Problems

Design of your web presence and printed materials is effective only in that case when it addresses users’ needs. If you have creative marketing designs that look good but don’t solve users’ problems, then simply put: it’s a bad one.

Great Design Makes Your Brand Memorable

Experts state that Americans see from 4K to 10K ads daily. People ignore the majority of ads they see and remember only about 15. When users need to choose between some online platforms and marketing materials with similar features, they will choose a place they recognize or a company with more enjoyable visual solutions. If you want to stand out from competitors and make your brand memorable, create a thoughtful, useful, and attractive design. Follow the main design principles, guidelines, and techniques: color palette, layout, elements, brand concept, etc.

Small business owners are known for wearing different hats. They sell, market, manage customer service, make coffee and write blog posts for fun. Exercising skill-sets in a variety of tasks is often viewed as a benefit of owning a small business, or being self-employed, but it can also put you at a disadvantage. For many, understanding why good graphic design will make their small business better, is just not as high on the priorities list.

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