A box is no longer just a box when it comes to packaging. The box has two significant responsibilities: safeguarding the products and representing them as desirable commodities. In America alone, 72% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on packaging design.

Custom printing and packaging are so much more than printed cardboard or other materials for your product. It’s a statement of what you stand for — a chance to build a physical connection with your customers. To grow your business, you need to keep your products in the consumers’ minds, and it all starts with your custom packaging.

What is Custom Printing and Packaging

Custom packaging is the personalized boxing of products by companies to communicate important brand information to consumers. Custom printing and packaging not only impress customers but also leads to increased word-of-mouth advertising which in turn drives up revenue. Packaging can be customized by printing logos on the boxes, patterns, colors, images, or anything else the company wants to include on its custom packaging that runs true to its brand.

What are the Benefits of Custom Printing & Packaging?

The days when you can just toss your products in an unmarked box and ship them out to your customers are long gone. About 60% of shoppers who walk into your store are likely to go for attractive custom packages containing your product. For example, colorful and fun bakery & cake packaging can call for so much more attention than those simply packed in brown paper bags.

The product packaging also gives your brand identity that helps it stick in your customer’s minds. Given that, it’s also important to remember that most consumers reuse product packaging after purchase, so all you need to do is make it challenging for them to throw yours away, and your brand will be stuck in their minds.

Here, we’ll break down the significance of custom packaging to every product-based business.

Effectively Increases Brand Value

Every customer deserves a “Wow!” moment. But there’s a lot that goes into making sure your customers feel like they made an excellent choice of purchase.

If you’re selling perfume, jewelry, or other luxury products, the quality and branding of your products and packaging have to justify your customer’s purchase. One way to do this is by providing them with a premium, beautiful packaging style – It makes your customers place so much value on your products! It’s the kind of first impression you should be looking to make with your target market.

Increase Brand Recognition and Awareness

Uniqueness and quality are the keys to success in retail packaging since custom packages tend to stand out compared to plain Brown Kraft boxes. With these, customers can easily recognize your brand at the very sight of your custom packages. Even if your custom box just has the company logo placed in a well-intentioned way, it will have profound effects on the minds of consumers.

Take advantage of the different printing processes that make packages unique and memorable while protecting products from damage at the same time. There are plenty of different options for you to choose from to make your product stand out and feel unique among others on shelves.

Improves the Customer’s Experience

Custom packaging enhances the customer experience in a lot of different ways. If you’ve ever come across a viral unboxing video on social media, you already know how much of a role custom packaging plays as part of the user experience. Also, take note that nowadays, people do pay a lot of attention to packaging, and they let others know. In fact, studies show that 55% of consumers who watch unboxing videos claim the video convinced them to purchase the product!

This social component convinces the people watching these videos that if they also want an incredible unboxing experience, they should consider purchasing the item. Good products and good packaging with excellent print quality can not only impress but also help you gain loyal customers.

Keeps Your Products Protected

If your products have unique shapes and are more prone to breaking, custom packaging is a great option for better shipping protection. When you customize your package boxes, you get to choose the different variety of box styles, custom sizes, and printing designs. With custom packaging boxes, you are guaranteed that your products will reach your customers without any damage.

It’s Worth The Investment For Small Businesses

Custom product packaging and printing are not just for the biggest companies in the world. Small businesses stand to gain from all that custom box has to offer, too! From trendy digital printing options to unique packaging textures and designs that create a lasting impression – choosing custom printing and packaging is worth the investment for your small business.

There is so much you can do when creating custom packaging boxes that make you stand out among the competition. Good packaging is a small but necessary step in elevating your brand and product aside from the other effective ways of advertising your small business!

How Custom Printing and Packaging Can Enhance Your Shipping Performance

Custom packaging is a great way to increase your business growth. Not only will customers order more from you, but they’ll be able to help with marketing and brand awareness too! Custom box designs can easily enhance your shipping performance because you’ll have more customers ordering your products.

Things to Consider While Choosing your Custom Packaging

When choosing your custom packaging, consider what kind of products you would put in the box. The color, box design, and size will all play an important role when deciding on your custom package. Also, remember that your packaging has to reflect your brand as a whole, including your beliefs and how you want your customers to feel about you. So consider these things:

Trying different materials

Custom packaging is all about making your product stand out, and there is a wide range of options when choosing the right box material. Kraft, cardboard, and other combinations of materials are durable and strong. They’re also at a reasonable price and can secure your items.

Shape and Size

When shipping your products, it is important to be mindful of the right shape and size. Measuring your items is the first step in ensuring that they stay safe in the shipping box during transit time. Custom packaging solutions are ideal for keeping your product safe and secure from any type of damage.

Checking out Colors and Finishing

With so many colors and finishes available, it’s important to find the right one that will help your brand stand out. Unique color printing can really make a difference when you’re trying to get people’s attention! For example, you can immediately recognize Tiffany jewelry with its small blue boxes. It’s simple, yet recognizable, making it one of the most iconic brands out there.

Custom Printing and Packaging Done Right At Davant Indy

Customized packaging is a great way for businesses of all sizes to stand out and get noticed. From custom boxes with your logo on them to some simple custom print options for your ads, custom printing and packaging can help you market yourself while also attracting new customers!

Here at Davant Indy, we are committed to helping you create unique, creative custom printing and packaging that will drive sales. With creative ideas for every budget or need, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished when working together with one experienced team who understands all aspects from start to finish! Contact us today for your custom printing and packaging needs!

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