Have you ever been disappointed when your prints come out looking nothing like the original file? It is a common problem we witness here at Davant Indy. Even the most experienced designers wonder why their prints look off. The answer is often due to color codes.

If you use the wrong type of color coding for your projects, then you will end up with unsatisfactory results. That is why it is important to use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key/Black) every time you print a document or image. Here are the top five reasons you should always use the CMYK color model.

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What Is The CYMK Color Code?

CMYK is the industry standard for printing because it uses four colors to create a range of hues and shades. By combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow color, and Key/Black ink in various percentages, you can get an accurate representation of how a specific color looks when printed on paper or other surfaces. Every time you print a document, it will look exactly like the original file; no surprises or disappointments! And if any corrections are needed regarding color accuracy, they can easily be adjusted using the CMYK model.

Now that you have a better understanding of what the CYMK color code is, let’s look at the top five reasons why you should always use it.

5 Reasons to Use CYMK

1. More Flexibility

With CMYK color codes, you can create just about any color imaginable by combining various amounts of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks together. This is known as “four-color process printing,” giving you an almost infinite range of possible colors to choose from.

In fact, some of the most vivid images ever created have been created with this method. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of these four colors to get exactly the look you want for your project!

2. Faster Production Times

CMYK printing is the way to go when it comes to printing large volumes of documents or images quickly and accurately. As stated before, this method allows for accurate color matching so that each printed piece looks exactly like its digital counterpart. This means that production times are significantly reduced since there’s no need for manual corrections or reprinting due to discrepancies between digital files and printed pieces.

Additionally, many modern printers have capabilities such as auto-duplexing and auto-rotating, which further reduce the time spent on production tasks. This allows you to get your project done faster and with better results than ever before!

3. Cost Savings

Using CMYK for all your printing needs not only saves time but also helps protect your bottom line from unnecessary costs associated with manual corrections or re-prints due to inaccurate results from other methods of color coding (such as the RGB model).

Furthermore, since this printing method uses fewer colors than RGB colors (which uses red, green, and blue), each job tends to cost less overall than if printed using RGB color values or other methods. This can add up to substantial savings, especially when printing in large volumes.

4. High-Resolution Quality Images & Documents

One of the biggest advantages of using CYMK color coding is that it provides consistency across all media platforms (print, web, etc.). For example, suppose you have a logo or brand identity that needs to appear consistently across multiple mediums. In that case, CYMK is definitely the way to go, as it ensures everything looks uniform regardless of whether it’s being viewed on paper or online!

Moreover, CMYK printing creates sharp lines and crisp text because it has higher resolution capabilities than RGB printing methods; this results in higher quality images and documents that look great no matter what surface they’re printed on! Plus, since there’s less guesswork involved in this method (due to its accurate color-matching capabilities), designers can rest assured knowing that their work will look just as good in print as it does on your computer screen – every single time!

5. Environmental Impact Considerations

Due to its lower total ink usage compared to other methods, such as RGB printing (which requires more ink per job), CMYK printing has a lesser environmental impact – something that’s especially important for companies who strive for sustainability initiatives in their operations!

In addition to being environmentally friendly, this type of printing also reduces waste since there’s less need for manual corrections or re-prints due to inaccurate colors from other methods of color coding. A perfect example of this is when a print job has been mistakenly done in RGB instead of CMYK – if that happens, the printer will have to use more ink and paper, leading to added costs and wasted resources.

Examples Of When To Use CYMK Color Coding

CYMK is mostly used for large-scale print media projects that require vibrant colors that won’t fade over time. Here are some of the most common uses of CYMK color coding:

Business cards

If your business cards require a professional look with bold colors that will stand out from the competition, then CMYK colors are ideal for you. The CMYK colors will appear crisp and clean on white paper, giving your cards a polished look.


Flyers or posters that need to be printed in bulk often require CYMK color coding so they look consistent across all copies. The deep hues produced by this system also make flyers more eye-catching than those printed with RGB alone.


A brochure can be one of the most important marketing tools for a brand or business, so having the right colors is essential. Using the CMYK system helps ensure that your brochures have vibrant colors that won’t fade or look dull over time.

Magazine or Book Covers

Book and magazine cover often require sharp, glossy images with vivid colors. To ensure the best results, it’s best to use the CYMK color coding system to get a crisp and consistent look across all copies.


Apparel designers require many colors for their garments that may not always be available in the RGB palette. By using CYMK color coding, they can accurately match and reproduce the exact shades they need to make their designs come alive!

Overall, CMYK is an efficient and reliable printing system that provides great-quality results time after time. As long as all the colors are accurately matched, this system will ensure that your projects look bright and consistent across any medium!

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Davant Indy Is Your Go-To Source For CMYK Printing!

Using CYMK when creating graphics provides several advantages, including exact color matching; faster production times; cost savings; high-resolution quality images & documents; plus environmental impact considerations whether you’re a professional designer working on large-scale projects or an everyday consumer wanting perfect prints every time – CYMK should always be used when creating graphics!

At Davant Indy, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality CMYK printing services. Our team of experts is committed to producing the best results for all your custom printing needs, so you can be sure that your digital printing projects look great every time! With these five reasons in mind, we hope that the next time you print something out, it looks just as vibrant and beautiful as intended. Call us today for all your custom printing needs to get started!