At Davant Indy, we recognize that the marketing landscape is changing rapidly and consistently. In order to stay relevant, your business must be willing to assess your current marketing strategy continuously to find out what works and what doesn’t. As a business owner it can be easy for you to get caught up in the chaos of day-to-day life, and this can make it difficult to stay alert for the telling signs that something may not be right with your marketing strategy.

Today we will be highlighting the various ways that you can identify whether or not it may be time to re-evaluate your current marketing strategy. If you come to experience any of these red flags, it may be time to rethink your current marketing practices in order to best represent your business.

No Clear Marketing Budget

The first telltale sign that your marketing strategy isn’t working for you and may need to be re-evaluated is evident in a lack of a clear marketing budget. You would be surprised just how many companies are unable to answer the question “what was your marketing budget last year?” when asked. If you don’t have a clear marketing budget, it is due time to reassess.

Focus your time on figuring out which marketing initiatives are most deserving of your hard-earned money. These marketing tactics should be those that are proven to produce the greatest impact, elevating your business to success. Next, set a realistic budget for each of those practices. At Davant Indy, we highly recommend allocating the greatest amount of your marketing budget to methods proven to attract customers. Check out our services to see how we can help reinforce your marketing strategies!

You Aren’t Generating Enough New Leads

One of the most obvious signs that it may be time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy is a lack of new leads. While marketing involves wearing a series of hats, the main goal of any marketing strategy always remains the same: to generate new leads. Regardless of how well you think you’re implementing your marketing strategy, it’s time to take a step back and rethink your approach if your efforts aren’t being met with new leads.

Your Website is Underperforming

Did you know that 60% of buyers make a decision to purchase your company’s goods and/or services before they even contact your business? It’s true. So how do they make the decision whether or not your company is the right fit for them? It’s simple: they research your company online. If you aren’t utilizing your business website as the hub of your marketing efforts, it’s time to re-evaluate your overall marketing strategy.

You Have No Target Audience

In our post, “How to Plan Your 2019 Marketing Strategy”, we discussed the importance of asking yourself the essential questions when developing your overall marketing strategy. One of the most crucial questions you should be asking yourself during this period is who your target customer is. Considering the fact that customers are much more likely to do business with a company that understands their needs and concerns, it is vital that you know who you’re marketing to in the first place.

If your marketing strategy isn’t based around your target consumer, you’re missing out on some of the best ways to attract customers and leads. While a goal of your marketing strategy should be to increase visibility and reach as many potential customers as possible, you must be focusing your efforts on those that are most influential to the growth of your company. If you aren’t acting with your target audience in mind, you’re wasting both money and effort and this means it is far past time to re-evaluate.

You Aren’t Capitalizing on Print Marketing

While much of the way business owners market their companies has moved to the online space, there is still a lot of value held in print marketing efforts. Yes, we may be living in a digital world, but the benefits of print marketing strategies are still there. If print marketing tactics aren’t a part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re missing out.

Not only do print advertisements convert more customers, they also add a personal touch that has been shown to grab the attention of your consumer in a way that digital marketing cannot. The best marketing strategies utilize an even balance of both digital marketing and print marketing. If you are focusing your efforts on one of these areas rather than both, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Make Davant Indy Part of Your Marketing Strategy!

Now that you understand some of the ways that you can identify whether or not you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy, it’s time to seek help from print marketing specialists! At Davant Indy, we believe in the power of using print marketing services to your advantage.

By implementing print marketing into your overall marketing strategy, you can more effectively reach your desired audience, earn new leads, and build trust and credibility in your company. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!

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