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In today’s world there are so many cheap prints available, however not every print is created equal. You may think that saving a few extra dollars on printing is a good investment, but a cheap price will likely reflect on the finished product. With little to no return on investment (ROI), a cheap print job could end up costing you more down the road.

When considering your print budget there are some key factors that the buyer should keep in mind to ensure they end up with a great product that is going to yield a good ROI:

  1. Quality

The quality of the paper and ink used will be the difference between an unprofessional looking product and one that excites. Print has a unique ability to trigger a number of senses; the feeling of the paper, the smell of the ink, to the visual stimulation. All of these senses have an after effect on people; they remember it because they physically felt it in their hands. The sleeker and better quality your product, the more credibility you will have which mean more business!

  1. Design

Professionally designed print material makes all the difference when attracting potential buyers of your product or service. The goal of an effective design piece is capturing the imagination of your audience. “Make something impactful, make it unique and always make it memorable.” Professionally designed print material will draw customers in and influence action. Good design keeps in mind the potential customer AND the product, service or message on display. Information needs to be strategically presented as to not overwhelm or confuse the customer. A flyer promoting a seasonal sale should be simple and straight to the point, where as an offer of great value may require a more strategic design to ensure your marketing isn’t put straight in the trash.

  1. Images

Images speak a thousand words! If you’ve heard the saying before, its because its true. Images engage your audience, and often times can replace text all together. Make sure your image is visually appealing and conveys your message flawlessly. The combination of a good layout, stunning images, and powerful copy (see below) can make all the difference of a successful campaign.

  1. Copy

The words you choose to put on your printed piece play such a big part in how people are drawn into it, how long it keeps their interest, and if they remember much about it. If you provide good content, you will earn the right to promote your product. Not over-crowding your printed pieces with copy is key, and putting focus on your words as the heart of your strategy will yield a captured audience.

  1. Color

Like we mentioned in our 2018 Print Trend post: color is everything! Color consistency in design is imperative to not only logo design, but across all marketing channels. Color is an important way to communicate in a non-verbal way. From the time we are born, color tends to define us. In the advertising world, pastel greens, blues and yellows are synonymous with babies. Come to think of it, have you ever seen a print design that related to babies that didn’t include these colors? We would all probably be hard pressed to find one. Color increases brand recognition, drives purchasing, and communicates who you are. Don’t create a printed marketing piece and make the mistake of not taking color theory into consideration.

At Davant, we consider every element of a printed piece and encourage our customers to do the same.