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In recent years, print marketing has seen a renaissance. In 2017, over $15 billion was spent on flyer printing in the US alone, and in 2018, the power of print is set to skyrocket. Blending craftsmanship, intelligent design and compelling storytelling, effective print marketing has the power to engage and inspire audiences. So how are you going to stay ahead of the curve, and ensure that your print marketing is the best of the best? We are here to help! Be sure to incorporate one of these tactics as you plan your 2018 print marketing…

1. Keep it simple.

The world is filled with digital chaos, complexity and instability. What many audiences are seeking is a return to honesty and simplicity. Remember, less is more.

2. Personalize It.

Print is already a highly personal medium, but why not go one step further? With personalized prints you can reach the consumer on an individual level, and build a meaningful relationship.

3. Marry Digital + Print.

Print should not be seen as the enemy of digital marketing, but rather as a strategy that can work alongside digital engagement to increase sales. Think of your print marketing as a way to guide your customers towards your website or social media platforms, thereby building a system of brand engagement that runs across online and offline.

4. Coupon Codes.

Printing coupon codes is a tried and tested marketing strategy to attract new customers and considerably boost sales. And guess what? They generate higher ROI than generic coupon codes. Why? Because they can’t be shared with other customers, and they provide comprehensive personalized details, making customers feel valued on an individual level.

5. Pop the Color!

Color is everything. Your choice of color can make or break a good print design. But did you know that colors have the power to change our mood? Color experts Pantone have released their color trends for 2018, and they’re very intriguing. According to Pantone executive Leatrice Eiseman, if you want to look “resourceful”, go with blues and oranges; yellow is “playful”, pink is “discrete”, and gold is “sophisticated”. Therefore, choose your color, change your mood.

Print marketing is a unique way to reach a consumer, develop brand narratives and brand loyalty. If you’re looking for a marketing medium that’s personal, has excellent ROI, and creates a sense of trust, then look no further. The print industry has been growing in 2017, and looks to continue in 2018, so stay ahead of the curve.