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5 Reasons to Use Billboard Advertising for Business

Whether you’re commuting by car, bus, or train, one thing you’ll always see on the road is billboards. This out-of-home advertising method has been a tried and tested advertising method for over 100 years. And until today, even with the advent of digital marketing, billboard advertising is still going strong.

Truth be told, it’s not your typical inbound marketing strategy. Many modern marketers and even clients of Davnt Indy are currently hesitant about its effectiveness. However, the fact that billboard marketing has not become obsolete proves that it still has benefits for today’s businesses.

1.  You Have a Guaranteed Audience

One of the first reasons billboard advertising for business is successful is because of the audience size potential. And unlike digital marketing campaigns, people can’t just swipe up or adjust their privacy settings to prevent seeing your billboards. It’s just simply on their way to their final destination.

In fact, a study found that 71% of travelers on today’s roadways look at messages on roadside billboards. That’s an impressive reach. Also, even if a customer looks away right after seeing your billboard, there’s a huge chance that they’re already retained key information from it. This includes the name of your company or the services you offer.

A crowd of people on the street surrounded by buildings and huge billboards

2. You Have a Diverse Audience

Billboard advertising is one of the simplest advertising tactics that will help you target a wide variety of customers. A well-placed ad will expose your brand to not only people in cars but also pedestrians or people using public transportation. You also don’t have to research niche customers. With one billboard in the right location, you reach a diverse population. You might even reach customer groups that you didn’t know existed.

You can also target locations to ensure that the relevant people are seeing and connecting with your ad. For instance, an ad about a budgeting app or a financial planner may do well in a corporate district. In the same way, ads about foods do well in highly populated areas like central districts or around shopping plazas.

Targeting specific locations will help boost brand awareness in that area and help people recognize you, putting your brand top of minds once they’re in need of your services or products.

3. You Make Greater Impressions

Billboards tell people who see them that you’re proud of your brand and that you’re confident enough in your services and products that you’re willing to show it loud and clear to them. Billboards are also a kind of advertising that people notice, trust, and easily remember. This helps build that brand impression.

It also helps build your brand status and promotes your company as a household name since you can be discovered and remembered even by people who don’t use social media. Whether people are looking at your billboard intentionally or not, you can easily secure a place in their minds.

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4. You Can Benefit From Impulse Action

Many digital advertising tactics capitalize on impulse action to draw in sales. And while it is often effective, the oversaturation of ads on social media has also pushed people to simply ignore them and not engage.

Using billboards alongside your digital marketing strategies can help turn this around. These huge signages can act like beacons for customers who don’t even realize that they need your products or services. Once you catch their attention on the streets, they can then go ahead and do a search online. In this case you can further sell them with your social media presence.

As stated earlier, you can also place your billboards in smart locations to further benefit from people’s impulse action. For instance, if you’re a vegan company, you can place your ads right outside a supermarket that stocks vegan options. You can also place your ads in places where there are often traffic jams to capitalize on people on their phones during those moments.

5.  You Can Get Creative

Thanks to companies like Davant Indy, with in-house graphic designers, you can be as creative as you want with your billboards. Our team can take your vision, put it on paper, and eventually, on a billboard. Billboard advertising for your business can seem intimidating, but with the right team of creative minds, anything’s possible.

Whether you want something flashy or simple, it’s all up to you. You can be as creative as you want to be as long as your message comes across. And that’s what we can help you with! We can ensure spacing is correct, the right font is used, and the most impactful verbiage is placed right where you need it. Billboard marketing and advertising is just another facet of your entire marketing plan, and we want to be a part of it!

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Get Your Billboard Up In No Time With Davant Indy

Whatever your print marketing needs, we can help you design and print the perfect billboard, flyer, mailer, or promotional material for your business. We specialize in various designs and a wide range of printing services and are happy to help. So, contact us today!


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