Print and promo tips for creating brand advocates

Think about all the marketing dollars you spend amplifying your brand and getting your message in front of potential consumers. Do you know how valuable print and promo is for creating brand advocates?

Whether you’re marketing products, services or information, getting the word out seems to be getting harder and harder.  How do you get your message to the right audience and do it effectively?

Word-of-mouth has always been one of the most powerful marketing tools around, especially when tapping into the purchasing power of the multicultural millennial population. Did you know that millennials spend $65 billion each year and influence upward of $1 trillion in total consumer spending?

Brand advocates are a sustainable and coast effective marketing solution

According to Forbes 7 ways to identify and engage brand advocates, the term refers to someone who enjoys your product or service so much that they’re eager to tell others about it — whether that’s via social media or in real life, on their blog or in a publication.

In fact, according to research by Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust brand advocates over other forms of advertising.

3 print and promo tips for creating brand advocates

  1. Give your customers something they will actually use.

Wouldn’t you like to see happy customers proudly walking around showcasing your brand’s logo or message? Whether it’s a social media influencer with thousands of loyal followers or an everyday local customer, give them something they will actually want to use.

Promotional products featuring your brand will increase brand awareness, and generate traffic. Give away anything with your logo on it like canvas bags, mugs, t-shirts, notepads, koozie, etc. (We have thousands of options for you to consider, and experts to help you find exactly the right item.)

Is your organization benefiting from the use of promotional products? Explore our other blog to see why companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations shell out over 18 billion dollars utilizing one of marketing’s most effective strategies.

  1. Build a loyal customer base by showing your appreciation.

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? Finding out about special occasions like birthdays is a simple and easy way to connect with customers and show you care. Gather information about your customers, and send them a beautifully designed custom note card or photo card on their birthday or special occasion. You can also send appreciation on personalized stationary, thank you cards, and custom holiday greeting cards.

It’s tempting to just send a mass email out when Christmas comes around, but those rarely get read, and almost never remembered. Create a brand advocate by sending something that will end up on a fridge or desk, not in the spam folder of Gmail. Print is remembered.

  1. Employees are the original brand advocates.

Simon Sinek, the author of numerous corporate refocusing books and professor at Columbia University said is best when he tweeted “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”.

If you’re looking for print and promo tips for creating brand advocates, the best place to begin is with your employees. Internal branding can be utilized within a company to convey or promote corporate culture, style and philosophy. Everything from documents, office supplies, and other forms of internal communication can be strategically designed to unite your company with a single cohesive message.

We’re here to help! Contact us for advice on developing and implementing a print and promo strategy for turning your customers (and employees) into your biggest brand advocates.