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There’s just something about the look, the feel, and the smell of books. When you step into a library or bookstore, you’re overwhelmed with the instant urge to stack up a bunch of classics and curl up in the corner. It might seem odd in a world of technology, but books provide an escape – a place where you can get lost and tune out the noise around you when you dive into a story of mystery, fantasy, or history.

At Davant, we live for everything print. It’s what our business is about, so we appreciate the beauty of a physical book. Books are even so valuable and timeless that there are unique rooms in museums and libraries designated to their revival and restoration. Here are some reasons why books will never go out of style.

Printed Books Are Nostalgic

Reading from a paper book offers you an experience that can’t come with any other medium. There’s something about physically turning the pages, smelling the ink, and cracking open a new cover that e-books don’t offer. While the market continues to move in favor of digital readings, physical books are still hanging in there because they provide a different experience you can’t get from e-books.

Additionally, some genres or classic books are best consumed through the physical book. Examples of these include the classics written by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Mark Twain. Not only do their tales become collectible, but so do the physical covers of each printed book, solely due to the author who wrote the words. Thus, many books are becoming nostalgic, and turning each page is more satisfying than tapping next on a digital screen.

Printed Books Are Collectible

Unlike e-books, physical books can become personal artifacts. Since paper has a lasting value that people can appreciate, printed books will never go out of style. Not only is each copy of the text unique, but it’s also individual to the reader. There’s no individuality in owning a book that can easily be downloaded or shared through a file. But with a physical copy, you get to own something that can be proudly displayed anywhere.

Furthermore, printed books are best used for authors to sign. This furthers the book’s rarity, especially if the author pens a personal message to the reader on the inside cover. E-books don’t allow for this, something readers have come to enjoy exclusively with books you can hold in your hands.

Printed Books Have Physical Beauty

With today’s technology, it’s not uncommon for busy people to consume their books on the Kindle, their phones, or through platforms such as Audible. Still, these devices can’t replace the beauty of a physical book. Today’s book covers are marketing materials and are often works of art, specially made to catch the eye and draw you in. Store bookshelves are colorful, intriguing displays of the crossroads between marketing and creativity.

There’s also something to be said about an extensive home collection. It’s impressive to display your favorite titles out for everyone to browse through when they visit. Books are also a great reminder of the worlds you’ve visited between the pages of each binding. While some people prefer to consume their readings on their devices, others will always appreciate the physical manuscript, solidifying the fact that books will never go out of style.

Print Matters

At Davant, we might not specialize in printing and binding books, but we still understand the importance of printed materials for your business. Printed books will never go out of style, and neither will your company’s printed material. We take pride in assisting companies around Indianapolis and Greenfield with their marketing flyers, signs, and apparel. To learn more or submit your design and order, give us a call at (317) 849-6565.