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What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail is a marketing strategy that involves sending a physical letter, package, mailer, brochure, postcard, etc. to your potential and/or current customers. With the right message and right target audience, direct mail can be one of the most effective marketing strategies for growing your business.

Advantages of a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign:

  • Better response rate than email
  • Consumers enjoy getting mail
  • Research conducted by the United Sates Postal Service showed that physical ads generate brain activity associated with a higher perceived value and desirability of the advertised product or service. Direct mail generates a more accurate memory of an ad and better recall during a purchase.

Forbes: Direct mail could be considered superior to other marketing channels

How to determine your Direct Mail Marketing Mailing List

The mailing list is the single most important part of any direct mail campaign. Before you even design your direct mailers, the first step of any direct mail campaign is to determine your target audience through segmentation.

Market segmentation is the practice of dividing consumers into groups based on shared needs, desires and preferences.

  • Geographic Segmentation (Location-Specific) – Used when you’re trying to reach people in a specific area.
  • Demographic Segmentation (People Stats) – Used when you’re trying to target people using specific demographic data, like age, gender, and income.
  • Firmographic Segmentation (Business Stats) – Used in business-to-business marketing. Criteria can include employee count, revenue, industry, and number of locations.
  • Psychographic Segmentation (Hobbies & Traits) – Used when you pair audience demographics with data on personal values, hobbies, and personality traits.
  • Sales Stage Segmentation (Customer Status) – Used when your customers fall into a particular stage of the buying cycle – prospects, one-time customers, frequent customers, past customers, etc.

Using these categories, a business can adjust its direct mail marketing strategy to reach each group more effectively by addressing their specific needs.

Multiple segmentations are combined to target more specific audiences for niche products or services.

For example: A local store is having a sale on tents and outdoor camping equipment. The Direct mailing pieces are sent only to men between the ages of 25-55 within a 10-mile radius of the store who also like to camp.

Streamline your Direct Mail Marketing campaign

With Davant, Direct Mail Marketing is an easy and cost effective solution for growing your business. Get connected with your audience on a more personal level, with a piece designed specifically for a certain market. Just leave it to us — We will design, print, address, sort, and deliver your mail to the post office.

Our mailing services can help you with:

  • Database Management
  • List Services
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Custom Designed Pieces
  • Inserting

Check out our recent work, or contact us to get your direct mail marketing campaign up and running!

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