I have so many heroes and it was hard to pick just one. It seemed so appropriate given the context to choose Rod Supan, my late husband. He made it possible to be where I am today with Davant and to be where I am personally. If he hadn’t been a great husband and shown how nice marriage could be, and love me well, I may not have remarried the wonderful husband I am a partner with today. Rod showed me perseverance and faith in God during the most challenging of circumstances.

He was able to look past his terminal diagnosis of cancer and plan for his family. Looking beyond your mortality and pain, thinking of others and planning for their future is the gift of a hero. As soon as the words were out of the doctor’s mouth, Rod simply took a deep breath and said “ok”. He said he felt like God was saying, this will take your life, but I will give you a little time, get your house in order, and tell others about Jesus. He certainly did. I was able to come work with him and he set it up for me to flow to his sales position when he passed. He made tapes for the kids and he did share Jesus with others. He knew where his eternity would be because he followed Jesus.

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