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Here at Davant, we have been focusing on real-life heroes this year! You know, ones without a cape with superpowers we overlook because they fade into the background of everyday life. We would also like to hear about some of your real-life heroes as well! Let’s celebrate those who were willing to step up in the face of giants.

Here are the heroes that stand out in my life…

Charles Anderson Thompson

Charles, whom I knew as Papa, was a man who I would consider a real-life hero. He was kind, caring, loving and slow to anger. He lived through the depression, and after he got back on his feet, this man could not stand to see anyone go hungry. One of my strongest memories of him is after every meal he would lean down to eye level with us kids and say, “You want some more?” And every morning you would hear him say, “I better go make some breakfast, them babies will be hungry.”

Davant Hero Charles Anderson Thompson Papa
Davant Hero Virginia Lee Thompson Grandma

Virgina Lee Thompson

Virginia, whom I knew as Grandma while others knew her as Mawmaw, was a woman who was a hero right alongside her husband. Also living through the depression, she couldn’t stand to waste anything. She would hand wash her dishes, store leftovers and make sure they got eaten… and this woman could can just about anything food-related! When she got older and could not see well, we cleaned out the storage room to ensure she would not have any bad food and found years of canned foods that she had made to ensure they would never be without again. She truly loved and planned ahead to take care of her family.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson

These two had been through wars, peace, hard times and good times. I do not know how much they shared with one another, but one could only assume they knew everything there was to know about each other being married for so long. They loved on each other, they fought and made up, they teased, they laughed, and they cried together. I would even say as a team they were a hero.

Mr and Mrs Charles Thompson Heros

Heroes really do have the heart to carry on.


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