Banners are a simple yet effective marketing tactic that has worked for businesses of all sizes for decades. Whether you’re advertising the grand opening of a new restaurant or the latest sale at a retail store, banners are a great way to get your message out there in a noticeable way. Outside of sales and marketing, banners are also a great way to celebrate milestones and special occasions. Regardless of why you want to print a banner, it’s likely that you’re wondering about one important question: “What should I print my banner on?”

Today, Davant Indy will be telling you about a few types of banner printing materials that you can consider for your next project. While choosing banner material may seem like a straightforward process, you may find that it isn’t the easiest decision to make upon sitting down and weighing out your options. That’s why we’ve created this guide discussing some of the most popular materials for printing a banner. Let’s get started!

Mesh Vinyl Banners

Mesh vinyl is a material known for its fade-resistant and waterproof properties. Mesh vinyl has tiny holes in it, and this allows air to pass through easily, making the material more breathable. Because of this, mesh vinyl banners are known for having a longer lifespan than traditional vinyl banners. Another advantage of mesh vinyl banners involves the fact that it is a wind-resistant material. As air passes through the holes in the material, the banner will move more quietly and won’t flap in the wind. This makes it one of the best choices for those looking to create a fence banner, for example.

Polyester Fabric Banners

Polyester fabric banners are among the best choices of material for more professional-looking advertisements. This is because this material offers sharp, high-quality color and photo-quality prints. This type of material is ideal for banners that will be used indoors rather than outdoors. It should also be noted that polyester banners are scratch-resistant. That being said, those considering a polyester fabric banner should bear in mind that this material is especially prone to ripping and tearing. Therefore, they are best for being handled carefully in indoor environments.

Adhesive Vinyl Banners

Adhesive vinyl banner materials are one of the best alternatives for free-standing banners and are ideal for situating on a wall, window, or smooth surface. Adhesive vinyl banners are very durable, wind-resistant, waterproof, and wrinkle-resistant. One of the biggest advantages of using adhesive vinyl in the printing of your banner is that they easily stick to surfaces. This means you won’t have to worry about purchasing bungee cords or poles to put your banner up and can simply stick it to a structure for easy installation.

Canvas Banners

Finally, canvas banners (made of a highly durable material known as premium cotton duck canvas) are one of the most high-quality banner materials that you can print a banner on. Thanks to their artistic aesthetic and wind resistance, canvas banners are a very popular choice for banners of all kinds. Most canvas banners have a semi-gloss finish that makes them especially attractive to the eye.

The woven texture of canvas also adds a nice touch for those looking for a professional look. Canvas is especially fitting for banners that will contain text and images that need to be printed in high resolution. Although canvas banners are durable, it should be noted that they should be used mainly in indoor environments in order to preserve the quality of the image.

Be Sure to Use the Best Banner Materials For Your Situation

When attempting to choose the best material for printing your banner, you should always keep the design in mind. Design is an important aspect of any print project, including banners. You should do your best to envision your preferred outcome and choose the material that will best fit that situation. In doing so, you can do your part to ensure that you’re choosing a printing material that will best represent the goals of your print project.

Davant Indy: For All of Your Printing Needs

Now that you know some of the best materials to use to print your banner, you’ll have an easier time choosing the right material for your upcoming print project. That being said, there’s much to be said about the importance of choosing a high-quality print provider for any print project. As you design your banner, it’s a good idea to choose a print provider that can meet and exceed your expectations, truly bringing your vision to life.

Here at Davant Indy, our team is made up of experienced print experts. We’ll help you design and print the perfect banner for your company, regardless of the occasion. Check out Our Work for examples of ways we’ve helped bring our clients’ visions to life in the past. We specialize in a variety of design and print services, and we’ll be happy to help you. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!

Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash