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Commercial printing has been around for centuries. Since the dawn of the printing press, community leaders, political figures, and businesses have seen the benefits of utilizing mass printing capabilities. It shouldn’t be a surprise that for as long as print marketing has been around, so have the trends. Print marketing trends for 2021 aren’t looking too different from what’s been happening, but rather a little more targeted and refined.

Davant Indy stays on top of all the latest printing trends to ensure that we can continue to provide our clients with high-quality service. It’s also essential that we stay on top of these trends to help our clients navigate the changes and remain top-of-mind with their own consumers. So, as we get ready to close out 2020, here is what you need to know about next year’s trends.

Don’t Rethink Your Whole Strategy

No one can argue that marketing efforts shifted drastically this year, especially with businesses closing, quarantining, or moving to a remote workforce. However, it’s important to remember that while parts of your marketing strategy shifted this year, you won’t want to rethink the entire thing for next year. It’s unclear if and when the pandemic will subside and when things will get back to normal, so the marketing strategy you’ve been carrying through the end of the year will likely be what takes you into 2021. With that being said, there is probably room for some fine-tuning. Here are some of the top print marketing trends you should keep an eye on for 2021.

Five Commercial Print Marketing Trends for 2021

  1. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an intricate process that provides the same dramatic effect as shimmering. This print marketing trend is used to make accurate cuts on any stock. We see more and more companies turn to laser cutting, especially for their holiday cards, invitations, and higher-quality printing materials. Laser cutting also allows printers to outline delicate details of any design accurately and include a textured effect.

  1. More Recycling

We can’t talk about all this printing and not mention that recycling efforts will be a significant trend as we head into 2021. While recycling has always been encouraged, printing companies and businesses are buckling down and making a real effort to help save our environment by cutting back on waste. For printing companies, this means being more mindful of the ink we waste, the sheets of paper we use, and the number of trial and error tests we run. Recycling is a significant part of the industry, and we’re making this a bigger part of our print marketing trends for 2021.

  1. More Direct Mailers

Not being able to reach your consumers can feel daunting. Thankfully, direct mailers ensure you can reach each home that you want to target. As a tried-and-true form of marketing, direct mailers will continue to be a significant trend in 2021. Companies can put together fliers, packets, or catalogs, showcasing consumers their products and services. Direct mailers are also a great way to reach inactive customers and remind them that you’re still in business.

  1. Shimmering

Shimmering is a multi-part printing process that is guaranteed to be a part of the print marketing trends for 2021. This printing process creates a unique shimmer on any type of printing stock, highlighting one or more design areas. This print marketing trend is perfect for businesses that run many promotions or send out specific invitations for business events and VIP access.

  1. Professional Design Services

With some of the cutbacks and downsizing small companies have had to make, more of them have turned to professional design teams. Whether it’s working with one graphic designer or an entire team of printing professionals, you’ll still need an expert in your corner. Professional design and printing services ensure that you have a dedicated team focusing on one project at a time for your business, freeing up others in your organization for other business efforts. You’ll also save money on paper and ink since your marketing team won’t be using these supplies for samples and large quantities of printed materials.

Davant Indy is Your Print Marketing Team

If you’re looking for a reliable design and printing team to take you through all the print marketing trends of 2021, then call the team of Davant Indy. We take pride in providing our clients with the best in marketing materials, whether it be direct mailers, apparel, or signage. What matters to you matters to us. So, contact us at (317) 849-6565 today to learn how we can fulfill your print marketing needs.

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