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October 24, 2016
I like “no’s”
People for the most part have a fear of hearing the word “no”. No one wants to be told “no” when they really want something to happen. This is especially true if you are in sales. But, a “no” can say a lot about the buyer, especially when they follow up with “why”.

“No, I have my Aunt Sally’s Sister’s Cousin doing my signs or print.”

Well, that is a great answer because you aren’t likely able to break through the “buying from family ‘no’”. But, if the “no” is because they “don’t have time to deal with change” or they “don’t see the value in switching”, then these and other reasons for “no” can tell you a lot.

Whatever the reason for the “no”, it is helpful.

You can show the prospect that you can make a seamless transition and therefore change won’t be as painful to the prospect as they anticipate. It may show you that you haven’t sold the prospect on the value in switching and you need to step up your game. Whatever the reason for the “no”, it is helpful. It tells you to move on or to fine tune your approach and give it another try. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…unless Sally’s Sister’s Cousin is the vendor.
Happy Selling!

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