Product packaging plays a significant role in your company’s marketing, but it’s often not high on the priority list. No matter the volume of shipments, your business should invest in the right packaging to build trust with consumers. Even if you don’t often ship, having reliable, branded supplies can ensure that your packaging is working for you, not against you.

Businesses throughout Greenfield and Indianapolis turn to Davant for a variety of printing and marketing needs, including packaging details or design. We know that first impressions are everything, and today’s online shoppers have high expectations. Product packaging is often the primary interaction consumers have with your brand, so here’s everything you need to know about packaging design.

Choosing the Right Materials

When you’re creating custom packaging for your business or specific promotions, you must choose durable and reliable materials. This isn’t just with the exterior packaging, but the interior packaging as well. Companies often focus on how the outer shell looks and forget to include wrapping or protective packaging that can handle travel and keep things from breaking.

Great packaging gets a product from point A to point B with ease and no damage. With a killer design and the right materials, you’ll be sending the message that your product was designed and made well. Think about packaging that stacks well, is thick, and can handle a few bumps along the journey. An excellent first impression of a product starts with the packaging and how it’s presented.

Size Matters

In the world of packaging, size does matters. You want your package to stand out and be durable, but you also have to consider shipping fees, shelf space, and the impact on the environment. If you’re offering packaging in four different sizes, how can you do so while still being economical? Will each package be personalized, or do you have a standard box or bag for each purchase? These are just a few questions to keep in mind when designing a product package that works for you.

Additionally, think about your end user. What’s economical for them? A large, heavy box or a smaller, tuck-it-under-the-arm and go box? It might seem like an odd detail to consider, but it’s essential when designing your product packaging. Sometimes, the size of the package can also affect the delivery. Companies like FedEx and UPS will leave boxes on the doorstep, while packages that can be shipped USPS are often left in the mailboxes.

Know Your Audience

When designing your packaging, keep your audience and target market in mind. If your exchange is home goods retailers, you might not want to wrap your hand-crafted rugs in paper with rainbows, even though everyone loves rainbows. Packaging should reflect your brand rather than your interests. However, if you’re selling colorful children’s accessories or nostalgic products, then your product packaging can be a little more playful.

If you’re struggling with the packaging, do some market research or some beta testing with a few different designs. Narrowing down your choices will ensure you don’t order packaging that doesn’t reflect your business. Ask for input from your employees or your market. Take polls on social media or reach out to others in the industry that you trust to discover how they’re packaging their goods. Doing this research will save you money and the time doing a re-design six months down the road because of faulty material or poor design that doesn’t attract.

Printing Your Marketing Materials

Davant is a leader in the printing industry, and we know that every piece of marketing material is essential to your business. Our team of experts can help you design product packaging that works for your business. We can even take that a step further and print your packaging, signage, or apparel. Branded material will help you build credibility and trust within the marketplace. So, get started with us today when you call (317) 849-6565.

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