Planning an event is a lot of work, but just as you near the finish light and begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it comes time to design your event invitations. Invitations are key when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention. What’s more, getting the design just right is a bit of an art form. Your invite should always reflect the theme of your event down to the finest details. It should do more than just inform your audience of your event; it should generate excitement around it.

Today, Davant Indy will be explaining exactly how to design the perfect event invitation. Whether you opt to use a personalized and handwritten invite or a digital one sent out en masse, you should follow some specific steps when designing your invitation. Here’s everything you need to know!

1. Choose the Right Invitation Type

The first step in creating the perfect event invitation is to choose the right type. There are three commonly used invitation types: handwritten, printed, and digital. The format that you choose for your event is a crucial consideration to make as it can impact the response rate of your recipients and generate a first impression of your event.


Traditionally, handwritten invites are the best choice for exclusive events, such as formal dinners and weddings. However, because handwritten invitations require more money, time, and effort on the sender’s part, these invitations are typically impractical for large gatherings with hundreds, or more, attendees. One interesting thing about handwritten invitations is that they usually translate to a higher response rate due to their personal nature.


While handwritten event invitations are more personal, printed ones give you a wider degree of flexibility in design. When you work with an expert printing company with a professional team of graphic designers, you’re sure to create a design that grabs your audience’s attention in a unique way. Because printed invites are cheaper to produce, it should be noted that they are still more expensive than digital invitations.


Finally, digital invitations are the cheapest and fastest option at your disposal when sending out invites. This is because you can draft an email and send it to all your recipients at once. Still, since digital invitations are less personal, less formal, and less exclusive, they tend to be less memorable and generate a lower response rate. Consider this carefully when choosing the right event invitation type for your upcoming event.

2. Make Sure to Include the Most Important Details

Secondly, you should always ensure that your invitation design answers the relevant questions your recipients have about your event. You need to make sure that you include the what, why, when, who, and where of your event. Here are some of the important details you’ll want to make sure you don’t skip over when designing your event invitation:

● The name of the person you’re inviting
● Names of relevant hosts and organizers
● The title of the event and a brief description
● The time and date of the event
● The location of the event
● Directions on how to get to the event’s location
● RSVP deadline
● Dress code (if applicable)

3. Choose High-Quality Printing Materials

One of the most important steps of designing the perfect event invitation, if you’ll be using printed invitations, is to choose high-quality printing materials. When we discuss creating a memorable first impression, there are few things worse than coming off as cheap or unprofessional. This is why the right materials are essential in designing a winning event invitation. Your invitation should reflect everything good about your event, and the use of high- quality materials (such as cardstock, cotton paper, or linen paper) creates a more professional feel surrounding your event.

4. Keep Your Event Invitation Design Professional

If you have an in-house design team, you likely have everything you need to create a professional design. On the other hand, if you don’t, getting your invitations done by a professional is well worth it. Using a professional means you’ll receive a professional design, and an expert will mean a huge difference in the overall quality of the invitation once it’s printed.

5. Align Your Design With Your Branding

Finally, it’s essential that your event invitation design perfectly encapsulates your event. Make particular design decisions based on your brand. For example, if you own a wine vineyard and will be putting on an exclusive wine-tasting event, you could send your printed event invitations in a wine bottle. You should also carefully consider your branding when it comes to the design of the invitation itself.

Expertly Designed Event Invitations From Davant Indy!

Now that you know all that goes into designing the perfect event invitation, it’s time to find a trusted print design company that you can rely on to bring your vision to life. Anything that you
can imagine, our expert team of designers and printers can bring to life. We aim to help you generate more business by producing marketing materials, signage, and promotional products that get your target audience excited about your company!

Take some time to check out examples of our work, and be sure to contact us with any questions. We’re here to ensure that your upcoming event is everything you’ve worked so hard for it to be!

Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash