According to The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), mobile advertising, including vehicle wraps, can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising.

Just how effective is using vinyl vehicle wraps for marketing your business?

Media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers reach 95 percent of Americans. You could have the potential to advertise to thousands of consumers just by performing the simple task of driving down the road. Vinyl vehicle wraps make it possible for everyone to see your brand and learn about your business.

Are vinyl vehicle wraps a good investment for your business?

How vinyl vehicle wraps compare with other forms of advertising

  • Intuitt estimates that a vinyl vehicle wrap costs around 4 cents per thousand impressions, while other forms of advertising cost significantly more.
  • It’s estimated that outdoor signs cost $3.56 per thousand impressions and newspaper ads cost $19.70 for that number of impressions.
  • One wrapped vehicle will net between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions per day, depending on how far and where the car is driven.

You control the design and where the vehicle will be passing.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps can be used either as a long-term advertisement or as a short-term promotion for specific products or special events. The best part is—you decide where and when to advertise.

  • Create an eye-catching design that prominently features both your business name and contact details.
  • Make sure your phone number and the text are large enough to see from a distance.
  • Don’t use a typeface or font that is hard to read.
  • Use contrasting colors that are easy to see from a distance.
  • Advertising on the back of the vehicle to reach drivers sitting behind you.
  • Your graphic should include a call-to-action: phone number, address, website, etc.

Track your vehicle wrap ROI

Keep track of how effectively your vehicle wraps are performing by using special phone number or website on your vehicle wrap, or provide a special promotion only shared on your vehicle wrap.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps are versatile marketing tools that can greatly benefit your business. Davant Indianapolis and Greenfield Printing offers high-quality vinyl vehicle wraps that are produced by our in-house team of design and printing experts. To learn more about our services, contact us today online or give us a call to get started: (317) 849-6565!

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