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Have you ever wondered how your computer, phone, and iPad all know the type of shoes you like and how the ad they just showed you is exactly what you were telling your friend you wish you had? This is because of a rapidly growing technology known as artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence knows what the customers want before they do. It can uncover customer insights and trends to deliver predictive service. This is particularly useful within the advertising industry because AI can personalize advertising to change parts of it, depending on the audience.

And that, my friends, is how it knows what shoes you want to buy.

The Elevator Pitch of Artificial Intelligence

The term “artificial intelligence” is more so an umbrella term that covers a range of machines that learn, with the help of humans or entirely on their own. In this way, AI technologies perform certain cognitive tasks as well or better than humans. Mind blowing, huh?

Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines smart.”

-Demis Hassabis, Google DeepMind

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Advertising Industry? 

The truth is, AI is transforming what is possible in the world of advertising at every level, from ad creation to audience targeting to ad buying. Optimizing ad spend is probably the biggest advantage to AI in more ways than one, such as:

  • Determining how much advertisers should spend on their various campaigns
  • Figuring out the optimal cost, timing, and means for advertising promotion
  • Developing complicated, highly optimized ad spend plans that can factor both the spending and target of your audience
  • Identify the right channel, message, and even adjust ad spend plans
  • Tracking performance not only of an advertiser’s campaigns but also those of the advertiser’s competitors

All of this gives advertisers the upper hand in using AI to create more personalized experiences, target the right audience, select the right thought leaders and influencers, and make decisions faster.

Personalization Leads to Better Customer Experiences

Personalization in the advertising industry refers to the use of data or consumer insights to increase an ad’s relevancy to its target audience. This can be data related to demographic information, interests, buying intents, or behavior patterns. In this incredibly fast-paced and noisy world, it’s getting increasingly difficult to attract and hold people’s attention. A personalized AI solution can help advertisers build these personal connections with consumers, improve the relationship they have with their brand, and create a better shopping experience.

So, what we’re finding is that the more personalized an advertising message is, the better it’s received by the target audience. And the better it’s received, the greater the chances are that an ad will turn into a sale. And isn’t that the end goal for everyone who invests in advertising?

How Do You Use Artificial Intelligence Every Day?

You may not even realize it, but you are probably using AI every day, even if you’re not in the advertising industry.

  1. Smart home technology, like Ring cameras and Nest thermostats, use AI to sense changes in their observable environments and then take action based on what they sense.
  2. Facebook uses AI to detect who is in your photos, then recommends who to tag.
  3. Gmail and Google Docs use AI to read what you’re typing, then understand it enough to recommend what to type next with Smart Compose.
  4. Siri on your iPhone uses AI to understand your voice commands and create responses that make sense.
  5. Self-driving cars use AI to detect obstacles and drive (hopefully) in a safe and effective way.

Let Davant Be a Part of Your Advertising

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the advertising landscape due to its host of benefits and ability to get smarter over time, and although our high-quality printing and promotional products might not provide all the technology smarts of what your customers are looking for, this additional form of personalized advertising is sure to land well with your potential and existing customer base. Give us a call to get started today (317) 849-6565!

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