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In the printing world, marketing materials come in various forms. There are business cards, signs, catalogs, and more. With so many options, how can you choose between them all? The good news is you don’t have to. Instead, you need to consider your goals for the printed material and what kind of information you want to include. Your intended audience will also help determine your printed marketing needs for a specific campaign or project.

For many businesses throughout Greenfield and Indianapolis, Indiana, Davant Indy is the go-to printer and designer for marketing materials. We often find ourselves providing additional education and guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect layout. One question we always get asked is: “What’s the difference between a flyer and a brochure?” We’re glad you asked! Here is what you need to know.


The Low-Cost Option

For small businesses and startups, flyers are usually the best low-cost option. People don’t always expect a flyer to be fancy, so you can generally get away with printing on cheaper paper and without much colored ink. These documents tend to be cheaper to print in bulk, and they don’t take your marketing team a ton of time to plan and design.


The layout of your flyer is completely customizable. Generally speaking, you can easily fit all of the information you need on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. Still, if you need a larger layout or want to stand out from the competition, you can also try using an 11″ x 25.5″ or 11″ x 17″ print. The layout is all on you, and you should have fun with your design if you want people to attend your event or learn about your business.

Why Use a Flyer?

Flyers are the most popular print marketing material. They’re inexpensive and easy to distribute wherever you need them. They typically lay flat, which means you can leave a stack just about anywhere without taking up too much space. If you’re looking to make an impact or announce your event to the masses, then flyers are your best bet. It’s hard to over-invest, so go crazy if you want to!


The Folds

Unlike the single page flyer option, brochures allow you to include a bit more information. Brochures tend to have folds. The most popular choice is the tri-fold layout that gives you ample space, front and back, for all the information you want people to know about your business or services. Brochures can also come in a half-fold, Z-fold, double parallel fold, right-angle fold, and right-angle tri-fold. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that works for you.


You can find brochures just about anywhere. We typically see them in home builders sales offices, medical offices, fairs, and trade shows. You can even find large displays of them in hotel lobbies, showcasing all the attractions, shops, and restaurants in a city. The more information advertisers and businesses can include in a brochure, the more it will help offset the cost of providing this kind of free marketing material.

Why Use a Brochure?

Marketing teams love using brochures as often as possible. Not only do they provide in-depth information about the business, but they also boost sales. They’re a quick and easy way to get the word out about your business by mass distribution. You can mail brochures, pass them out to other local businesses, and leave them on the counters just about anywhere. If you want to be taken seriously, then brochures are a great way to accomplish this.

Flyer vs. Brochure: We’ll Help You Decide

Can’t decide between a flyer and a brochure? Then let Davant Indy help! We’re dedicated to ensuring our customers get the most out of their marketing materials. Not only do we get to know you, we get to know your business as well. This allows us to help you make decisions about your signage, mailers, flyers, and brochures. To learn more, contact us at (317) 849-6565.