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Blue skies, warm weather, the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers being cooked on the grill drifts through the air. Homes lined with red, white, and blue. Children playing with sparklers. The sound of someone off in the distance shouting, “Let freedom ring”.
Coming back from the long weekend and celebrating the Independence of our country, dependability is what is on the minds of every Davant employee. July’s core value is Dependability.

Dependability: to promote the expectation of reliance or trust in one’s knowledge, judgment, and actions.

This week each Davant employee has displayed this core value in how they work together, with clients, and with each order that is produced. We will go the distance for the client to make sure that each proof sent or each order produced is exactly what they have expected.

To go along with our theme of dependability and celebrating our independence, here at Davant we have a tradition called “Pie in July”. Our clients love this. We show our appreciation to our clients through this fun tradition. It is also a great way to personally meet with clients.

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