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March 30, 2017

Writer / Pete Walkey
Photographer / Demi Lawrence

After building a successful marketing business over the past 30 years, former professional drag racer John Long and his wife Doreen are excited about the future. “We hired right, put people in the right places and created a family atmosphere where it was more fun than work. Our success is tied to our people,” said John. They have been longtime supporters of many community organizations, including the Geist Half Marathon.

The Longs are transitioning their business to a very enthusiastic Missy Tennant who has worked with them for the past 12 years. “The new name is Davant, even though it’s the same company, products, services and people,” said Doreen. John will shift into an advisory role for Missy, and Doreen will continue to be involved full-time, working with her current and potential clients. John will also take time to “repurpose,” most likely while riding his Harley.

Missy came to the company in an unusual way. Ten years ago, her husband Rod was an employee for the Longs. He developed lung cancer, so Missy came in as Rod’s assistant to help out. John and Doreen put a recliner in his office, so he could rest after chemo treatments. As Missy became more involved with Rod’s work, it was evident that she would be a great fit in a full-time capacity.
“Missy has done an excellent job working full-time and raising two kids on her own,” said John with a fatherly pride. “She has that entrepreneurial spirit and is going to do a great job. It’s like selling the business to our daughter.”

The name Davant is a combination of Missy’s last name and General Manager Dave Beattie’s name. It means “blessed by God.” And after spending time with John, Doreen and Missy, it’s evident that faith, family and fun are the fuel for their professional and personal lives.

They talked of mission trips to Haiti and community involvement.

Businesses and nonprofits are only as strong as the communities that surround them. By embracing this, Davant has formed InkIndy, a program that will reach out through the impact of color and design.

“We, like many of our clients, partners and friends, are local business owners who live, work and play in this community. Our commitment to Indianapolis and its surrounding areas goes beyond doing business.”

The Davant team members are active in the community as well. Dave volunteers at The Caring Place of Indianapolis. Missy volunteers with Outreach Inc., while also staying active on the Advisory Board of VOA and the Domestic Violence Network. Missy is also a Domestic Violence Advocate within Hancock County and serves as the chair of the Faith Based Committee.

Davant continues to provide services locally and globally with their mission trips, wrapping presents for local organizations, helping with food drives and providing for the hungry. “We believe in sharing the blessings we have received and are proud that we have such a caring team,” said Missy.

Davant’s marketing services include design, print, mailing, signage and promotional products. They are located by the Mount Comfort airport at 6268 W. Stoner Dr., Suite A, Greenfield, IN 46140, and can be reached at 317-849-6565 or

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