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Graduating from high school or college is a big deal. If you have a senior in your home and are planning a big celebration of their accomplishment, then you’re probably considering all ideas and possibilities. You want your son or daughter to have the best graduation open house on the block, complete with photo collages, decorative tablecloths, delicious food and sides, and even some giant graduation party banners.

If you’re on a budget and are looking to print all of your senior’s graduation announcements with a local printing company, the Davant team is ready to serve you. We have creatives who can help you design the perfect banners, invitations, and yard signs. Here are several creative ways to use these banners to help celebrate your new graduate.

What Should You Include on a Graduation Party Banner?

What you put on your graduate’s banner is completely up to you. Some of the most popular designs include the class year, a senior photo, and some form of congratulations message. Yet, if you’re looking for your senior’s party banners to stand out and be creative, you might consider their favorite quotes, the class moto, or a photo of them in their cap and gown. The possibilities are endless and completely up to each individual.

Flag Banners

Flag banners are becoming popular with a lot of businesses, but they can also be the best way to announce your graduate’s accomplishment. If you’re hosting an open house, consider using these as tools for giving directions for guests stopping by. You can place these a few miles from your home to begin to direct people where they can find your house or graduation party.

You can also fly these proudly around your lawn. If your graduate has unique accomplishments you want to highlight, consider printing a banner for each of these. You can take it a step further and print them in the school’s colors. Why not display your pride for both the school and the student?

Indoor Banner Stands

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your graduation party banners. With an indoor banner stand, you can print large-scale banner announcements, highlighting your graduate with either a senior picture, a simple congratulations, or even create a fun photo prop for all of your visitors. Print a funny or interactive background and provide props to make a simple photo backdrop for all of those selfies your teen or young adult loves to take with their friends.

These stands can come in a variety of size and are perfect for highlighting high school and student athletes. If you have action shots or head shots of your senior, print some of these life-sized banners of them playing their favorite sports.

Hanging Banners or Table Throws

Have you thought about how you’re going to decorate those long white banquet tables? Why not use a table throw banner as a table skirt or tablecloth? These also come in a variety of sizes and can be printed with simply designs or a big announcement down the middle. If you want to keep your graduation party banners more traditional, print one of these with their name and graduating class year and hang it up near the entryway of your open house or from the garage to show your pride.

Trade Show Pop Ups

Yes, these can be used for your graduation open house! Skip the homemade photo collages and print a variety of photos on a trade show pop up. These displays are a creative new graduation party banner and can easily provide the perfect backdrop for a guest table. This banner will stand out and make it obvious where your guests can view your senior’s accomplishments, awards, and degree, all at one convenient location.

Turn to the Printers of Davant!

Have an idea for your graduation party banners? Then contact us at Davant or upload your image file right on our website. We have a variety of banners to choose from and are sure to have everything you need. If you need help with a design, our designers are eager to help you print the perfect banner for your open house.