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December 8, 2016
Corporate gift-giving never goes out of style.
Branding is bigger than ever, so companies should be sure to incorporate their logos in gifts.
In the food and beverage category, companies are giving away everything from a set of hot sauces and a five-tier chocolate tower to a box of four filet mignons. Clients always appreciate useful gifts, whether it’s a cool pen with numerous functions or a four-piece wine accessories gift set. And they’re increasingly on the lookout for high-tech items like accessories for their smartphones, e-readers or other portable devices.
Building good relationships with clients and just saying ‘thank you for your business’ are still considered sound business investments for most companies.

Top 10 tips for corporate gift-giving:
Spend money on your customers. It takes money to make money, and people are well aware of a cheap date when they’re on one.
Nobody throws away a personalized item (one with their name on it; get the spelling right).
Consider gifts that give back: for each gift sent, for example, a percentage is given to a local charity.
Don’t send a generic “Happy Holidays” card. Clients should feel appreciated and special. Brainstorm all year and consider an out-of-the-box gift.
Say it in person. Get off the phone and out of your chair and personally deliver your gift to the client. It helps build trust and relationships.
Remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Stand out from the crowd and send your thank you gift in July, or tie it into Thanksgiving or New Year’s, which nearly everyone celebrates.
Make the branding tasteful or include it on packaging instead of the gift itself.
Personalized, well-made, brand-name items are always a smart idea, as are practical office tools like branded calculators, memo pads and portfolios.
Know your audience and ask questions: Focus on the recipient’s unique brand or style.
Make sure it’s useable and/or high-quality. If you wouldn’t want it, neither will they. Consider headphones that zero out sounds or a desk fountain that instantly provides a soothing environment.

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