Business cards have a way of making a unique first impression on a prospective client or customer. We can still picture some of the most interesting, creative, and/or well-done cards that we have printed throughout the years. They stand out. They aren’t forgotten. Not only is the design of your card important, but how it feels when it enters the hand of a future partner is important, too. Below we have outlined some of the most popular finishes to any ordinary business card printing job…

  1. Embossing:  This is a method of pressing an image into paper or cardstock to create a raised, three-dimensional design. Text, logos and other images can all be formed by the embossing method. It results in a raised surface, with the design higher than the surrounding paper area, and gives a cool texture to the card.
  2. Debossing: Kind of the opposite of embossing. Instead of a raised image, debossing is the effect that occurs with deep impression letterpress. The image or design is pressed into the paper and can be done with or without ink, known as a “blind” deboss.
  3. Foil Stamping: Foil stamping is a finishing process that uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. The foil comes in rolls in a wide assortment of colors, finishes, and optical effects. Metallic foil is most commonly seen today – particularly gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, and holographic metallic foils – but foil rolls are also available in solid colors in both glossy and matte finishes.
  4. Spot UV and Varnishing: Ultraviolet varnishing, otherwise known as Spot UV, is used to enhance certain areas of the card, making the color appear richer, and giving it a shine with the varnish coating feel to it.
    A Varnish finish is a coating of matte, silk or gloss that can be applied to a business card to protect the paper to make it last longer, as well as enhance the look and feel of the design. Also quite shiny, this type of finishing will give your card somewhat of a plastic feeling to it.
  5. Die Cutting: Die cutting is simply the process of cutting the card into different shapes or cutting out shapes within the card. This type of finishing is has become quite popular as a way to give business cards a unique edge. Whether it be round corners, a logo shape cut out, or a series of cut-outs along the bottom, anything with a die cut is noticeably different.

Consider some of these finishing options for your future business cards, and give your favorite Greenfield printing partner a call when it’s time to refill your stash! If you rather fill out a form to have us call you, click here.