Looking for corporate gift ideas that your clients and customers will love?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office, so we’re here to offer you some of the best corporate gift ideas for this holiday season with enough originality and thoughtfulness to wow your clients and partners. When they thank you for the gifts below, they’ll also thank you for not subjecting them to another cookie tower.

1. Gift the gift of humor
Add some humor to your gift giving strategy, while sticking to any budget, with funny office supplies from Knock Knock. They sell notebooks, post-its, water bottles and pretty much everything else anyone who works will appreciate…but everything they make includes a funny message that reminds everyone in the office not to take themselves too seriously.  A good humorous gift can also be a great way to build client relationships.

This corporate gift gives more than laughs too. According to this post, humor can bust stress, build trust, and even inspire more creative thinking. Unfortunately, many people shy away from using humor at work in fear that they might offend someone or get in trouble.

  1. Give the Gift of Fitness
    When it comes to corporate gift ideas that yield serious long-term benefits for your clients, fitness tools take the cake, providing the giftee with major habit-changing benefits long after other gifts have been forgotten. And thanks to awesome technology, you can essentially give the gift of fitness in a compact, cute and wearable package with fitness trackers like branded Fitbit.

Fitbits make perfect individual gifts, and if you’re purchasing for a whole office team, this gift doubles as an employee productivity booster for your client’s office.

The idea is that Fitbits make employees more fit, and fit employees make more productive workers, a piece of common sense confirmed by science. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthy employees are typically more productive and take fewer sick days than their less healthy counterparts.

  1. Give the Gift of Zen
    It’s a sad truth that no matter who your client is or what they do, they probably suffer from stress. In fact, one surveyfound that as many as 8 in 10 people are stressed about work.

Wouldn’t the gift of alleviating some of that stress be pretty much the best corporate gift idea ever? We agree. There are so many options out there to encourage quiet, reflective, meditation time like our yoga mat, sleeping mask, adult coloring books or spa-on-a-box.

While this gift is incredible in the moment, the real gift is the chance to get hooked on meditation, a practice proven numerous times to have incredible benefits, like decreasing stress, increasing self awareness and even managing high blood pressure.

  1. Give the Gift of Organization
    There is a cord for every piece of technology, a hidden space for every gadget to get lost, and so many supplies to keep in one place. Mastering organizational skills may seem like a trying task, especially if you’re new to the concept. However, when you consider the many benefits that can result from getting organized, both for your company and for you personally, it is well worth the effort. Your clients will appreciate the help in keeping everything in order, too.

The list of products in this category goes on and on, but some of our practical favorites are the Leatherette Cord Keepers, Coupon Holder, or Life in Motion Cargo Box. All can be branded with your company’s logo as a way to stay in front of your clients all year long.

For any business, organization plays a significant role in helping you achieve your goals. Practicing effective organizational skills will help you personally and professionally, and your good organization skills will be reflected in the completion of all of your everyday responsibilities.

  1. Give the Gift of Trendy
    Turns out, “trendy” can also mean “practical” if you pick the right items. 2017 was a fun year for new products that are sure to remain at the top of the list going into the new year…

Thinking something small? Some of your clients probably haven’t gotten their hands on a Fidget Spinner yet, available with a custom window box so your logo is proudly displayed. Also said to reduce stress!

Are you in to high-quality drink ware? Move over, Yetti – we have an affordable Mammoth Rover double-walled vacuum insulated tumbler that keeps your beverage the perfect temperature for hours and hours (we’re talking 12+ hours hot and 36+ hours cold!). This one comes in 11 colors and had outstanding logo visibility!

It’s that time of year and we are ready to help with your entire corporate and employee gift giving this holiday season! Call, email or browse our shop to get started!