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From in person conversations, to the physical interactions with materials, and simple regional pride, we have to say that local print shop is just better. Because we’ve handled reprinting or completely re-doing so many print jobs that were sent to some online printer somewhere, we feel a bit more than justified saying so.

What makes a local print shop better than an online service?

Well it isn’t just that it’s brick and mortar and not online. We are in fact big fans of online printing, and are happy to offer our own online print services. No, it isn’t just the technology of how you order either. It is much more about the people and the customer service. We’re online and convenient, but we’re also right here in our Indianapolis and Greenfield location – available when you need us.

Here are 5 reasons why there is more benefit to using your local print company…

Personalized Service
When you print online or outsource overseas, it is difficult to speak to a representative about what the best option for your project would be. It is also hard (and costly) to get paper samples, print proofs, and have a full understanding of what will be delivered ahead of time. For some projects, this may not be all that essential, but for a large-scale print job, this is a vital step in ensuring your money is well spent. You can talk to a live person every time!


Most business decisions come down to one simple factor – money. Fortunately, many local print shops are pretty competitive with their pricing. Many online printers advertise low prices, but once you factor shipping, setup charges, and other fees, the project becomes much more expensive than anticipated. Also, if you tell your local printer about a specific price quote your received elsewhere, sometimes they can bring down the cost to better meet your budget needs.Know Who is Working on your Job
You can call us to stop something, or call us to ask a question! You are welcome to make a face-to-face appointment, or stop in and see how your job is being printed. We’re happy to show our process. We have a great staff who will guide you through the printing project, from idea to shipping, talented designers who can make your ideas real, and pressmen with the experience to do your job right.

Talk Over a Problem
Every printing project is unique, just like your company or your organization is unique. What and why you print is different than any other company’s printing. You will have your own set of needs and issues, and the best way to work through them and be sure you are getting the best for your money is to talk it over. And not just with anyone, but with experts in printing who have experience in printing, paper, and print finishing to get you great printing for a great deal.

Touch and Feel Samples
Just as feeling paper can tell you a lot about the project you are printing, so can all the other parts of a job. We can let you hold a physical sample of how a paper might be cut, bound, trimmed or otherwise finished. Hard copy proofs are always available and we are happy to provide them for you.

A big piece for us is simply about being part of the community and being physically present for all of our customers. Building relationships, building trust, and being available for face-to-face communication.

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